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Free-Range Bronze Turkey

Free-Range Bronze Turkey

Mortons Family Farm

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You are welcome to collect from our farm in Norwich, Norfolk Your order will be ready for collection from Saturday 23rd December 8am to 5pm or Sunday 24th December 8am to 12 noon. You do NOT need to notify us which day you want to come, just pop along during those times.

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What is a Norfolk Bronze

Our Norfolk Bronze free-range turkey is the delicious centrepiece of your Christmas meal. 

The Bronze turkey has a sweet, delicious flavour, producing generous quantities of white and dark meat, that stays moist and succulent.

Mortons Standard

As with all our turkeys, our Norfolk Bronze have had a free-range life before being humanely dispatched.  We dry-pluck our turkeys by hand and leave them to hang for a truly unique flavour.

What size do I need?

  • Mini 4.5-5.2kg - (Feeds 6-9)
  • Small 5.3-6.3kg (Feeds 9-11)
  • Medium 6.4 – 7.3kg (Feeds 12-14)
  • Large 7.4 – 8.3kg (Feeds 15 - 17)
  • X Large 8.4 – 9.5kg (Feeds 17 - 19)
  • XX Large 9.6 – 10.5kg (Feeds 19 - 21)
  • Jumbo 10.5 – 11+kg (Feeds 21 - 23)

How long do I cook my turkey for?

  • 2-2.5kg serves four to six
  • 3kg serves six to seven
  • 3.5kg serves seven to eight
  • 4-4.5kg serves eight to 10
  • 5-5.5kg serves 10-12
  • 6-6.5kg serves 12-15

This Free-Range Bronze Turkey is an ideal choice for a delicious true taste of old-fashioned Christmas dinner.

Sourced from our 5 star farm in Norfolk, these turkeys are of premium quality. With a plenty of delicious flavours, that taste wonderful hot or cold.

This is one Christmas turkey you won't mind having leftovers from!



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FREE Magic Bhuna kit also included in your order - Worth £4

The aromatic magic carpet ride starts the moment you chuck the whole spices into the pan. Cinnamon and cloves woven with smoky black cardamom on a bouncy underlay of Kashmiri Chilli. 

Curry Kit includes:

· Boom Base™ -  onion based gravy stock for a true restaurant flavour

· Boom Spice Mix - fresh spices ground in small batches 

· Whole Spices - cassia bark, green and black cardamom and cloves

Recipe card:

· Shopping list for 'add at home' ingredients 

· QR code on side of kit for Boom Kitchen’s Boxing Day left-over turkey curry recipe