Who produces the best turkeys?

Who produces the best turkeys?

It’s only September, but here at Morton’s traditional taste we’re already thinking about the perfect Christmas turkey.

We pride ourselves in being a small producer of the highest quality free-range turkeys, so we know how to recognise people who take it as seriously as us and deliver the same high-quality produce that we’re known for delivering!

Here’s our list of local turkey producers who all strive for a great xmas turkey.

Godwick Turkeys

Where are they?: Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Website: www.godwick.co.uk

Godwick’s are a medium sized family run farm, producing good quality Bronze Turkeys for over 50 years now.

We regularly chat and exchange ideas with Robert Garner at Godwicks who’s passionate about turkeys!

I’ve also visited the farm where they are still using traditional Norfolk farming methods, allowing the birds to mature naturally over 7 months and are reared free-range on large, clover-rich paddocks on their farm.

They have built up a loyal following of local customers, who like their Norfolk Bronze Turkey’s because of the rich tasting, succulent meat.

Peeles Black Turkeys

Where are they?: Thuxton, Norfolk
Website: www.peelesblackturkeys.co.uk

Peele’s Norfolk Black Turkeys are what they say on the label.

James Graham has been running the family business for many years now, taking over from his parent and grandparents’ farming heritage before him.

They are one of the original breeders of the Norfolk Black Turkey.

We buy 100 hatchlings directly from them in June, which we fatten up ourselves.

Peele’s have been recommended by Rik Stein, Delia Smith and numerous other chefs for a great, traditional Christmas meal.

It’s a slower growing breed of turkey with a slightly narrower breast bone (unlike the rounder breast of a Norfolk bronze), but makes up for it’s reduced quantity of meat with a more ‘gamey’ taste which some people prefer.

Great Grove Poultry

Where are they?: Attleborough, Norfolk
Website: www.greatgrovepoultry.co.uk

Run by Steven Childerhouse; Great Grove Poultry is a traditional family run farm.

They breed over 9,000 turkeys and 1000 geese each year, supplying the local butchers and farmers markets around the area.

All their birds are free to roam around 35 acres of Norfolk woodland and grassland, as free-range birds.

They also give the birds plenty of time to grow to maturity without using any growth promoters or antibiotics, leading to superior quality of bird, again with natural ‘game’ flavours.

Like ourselves; all the above Norfolk Turkey Producers are members of the British Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association.

We all aim to provide the highest standard of welfare for our birds, in accordance with their rules, and in accordance to ensure that every customer of our is receiving the highest quality turkey that money can buy.


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