Upcoming Meat, Farming & Artisan Food events

Upcoming Meat, Farming & Artisan Food events

With spring turning to summer May, June and July is when the farming and Artisan Food events season really starts to happen!

The first big event for us is The Pig and Poultry Fair in May – it isn’t really for consumers – it’s more for farmers to see the new farming equipment and what’s new in the industry.

June and July, before the harvest, is generally a quiet time on the farm so this is when you tend to have the big shows like The Norfolk Show and The Suffolk Show – which are of more interest to the general public and tend to generate quite a large attendance (and the perfect place to show off the brand new meat boxes that we’ve recently released)

This is also the time that other, smaller local foodie events happen, where local producers like ourselves showcase our artisan foods and specialist products.

Which the meat and food events will I be going to?

This year, we will be visiting The Norfolk Show to have look round – it’s a funny show as I believe they don’t actually do enough to promote Norfolk products and foods.

For the last few years they have had food producers from all around the country showing their wares – it has not been restricted to local produce like our Norfolk Turkeys or Smoked Meats.

Another factor is that it’s expensive to exhibit there – and I find real food lovers tend to gravitate to the smaller local events anyway which allows me to connect with the attendees a little better and show what Morton’s Traditional Taste is really all about.

I actually far prefer The Suffolk Show which has a large food hall with a good range of food on show that is made and produced locally.

They are far more proactive in supporting local farmers and producers – The Norfolk Show is not the same as it used to be, appearing to be more interested in selling stalls and celebrating local produce.

The Norfolk Show could learn a thing or two!

Coordinating events around a hectic working farm schedule

Unfortunately, with a busy farming schedule we don’t get to attend as many farming and food events as we would like to!

For example, The Pig & Poultry Fair is only held every two years – so to keep up to date with farming practices and technology we to do a lot of online research, only attending industry events as and when we can.

A lot of the big farming events are spread out all over the country so we just don’t have the time to attend.

To get around this we cherry pick the best local events we can fit in with our schedule, and every now and again make it to a big national event.

If I had to go to just one local food producer event this year?

It doesn’t feel right saying this, being a Norfolk boy, but I guess if I was only visiting one show this year it would be The Suffolk Show.

They do a great job of promoting and marketing locally made produce, so the show attracts a large attendance of visitors really interested in great local food.

It seems that the people in Suffolk appreciate their locally produced food, going out of their way to try new things on offer!

Are there any Local or Artisan food events you think we should know about?

Do you have any favourite food events that I haven’t mentioned?
Are you organising an event that you think would be up my street?

If you do I love hearing from fellow foodies and event organisers so get in touch or leave a comment or tweet on Facebook or Twitter!


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