Turkey Gift Guide

Turkey Gift Guide

Sometimes, finding the right gift can be hard. Whether it’s because people have ‘everything’ or simply can’t find the right thing, this little guide is here to help!

It’s no surprise the we love all things turkey here at Morton’s Traditional Taste. Turkeys are the centre piece of all great Christmas dinners so why should the gift giving be any different?

Whilst your turkey delivery is now being prepared for you, you may want to consider buying a turkey-related gift for someone you know will appreciate the gesture.

Whether you’re buying something to thank your farmer, the Christmas dinner chef or just someone who really loves these classic birds, here are our top picks for turkey presents!

Personalised Turkey Boss Apron

What better way to show the turkey chef in your family how much you appreciate them? The logistic of getting the turkey into the oven might be a struggle, but at least they’ll look fabulous doing so!

Personalised with their name on it (and a clear indication above it that they’re the boss around here), this Turkey Apron is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face and help them bring to the table the most delicious tasting turkey for the whole family to enjoy.

Turkey Oven Gloves

Keep the kitchen festive all year round with this gorgeous pair of oven gloves. IzziRainey also offer hob covers and tea towels, perfect for any busy kitchen. Plus, this delightful company is based in Norfolk and takes inspiration from the farm where it is based!

Turkey Placemat

It only seems fitting that the pride of place deserves it’s own placemat. This gorgeous metal placemat would be the perfect throne for any turkey (crown)!

Turkey Catnip Toy

Get your animals in on the festive fun with this sweet little gift. It should also hopefully distract them from roaming the kitchen counters looking for scraps!

Besides, we’re sure they love turkeys just as much as you do!

Turkey Cocktail Mug

What better way to end the day? Instead of cocktail, why not try a generous serving of mulled wine to ash down your dinner – yum!

Whatever you choose to end you day with, you’ll be doing it whilst looking like the coolest turkey in town.

Turkey First Aid Kit

Your leftovers not as moist as you were hoping for? Well for starters, you obviously weren’t using a Morton’s turkey! And secondly, these handy little pots of goodness should make your boxing day sandwiches a little bit extra special.

Which will you be adding to your Christmas wish list? Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter!

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