Top 5 Tastebud Tingling Turkey Sandwiches

Top 5 Tastebud Tingling Turkey Sandwiches

Sandwiches are great. They combine some of the yummiest foods into two slices of bread – what’s more to love?!

Over in America it’s national sandwich day today so we thought we’d combine two of our great loves – turkeys and sandwiches.

Turkey sandwiches are one of the most popular Boxing Day meals because of how quick and easy they are.

In all honesty, the ‘hard’ part of Christmas is now over for you so you deserve a nice pat on the back.

All the preparations are now done and the lengthy debates over whether you should choose a Nofolk black turkey or one of another one are now behind you. Phew!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite fillings (spoiler alert: they all feature our award winning turkeys!) to give you a stress free plan for December 26th.

The Yorkshire Decker
Images of huge Yorkshire puddings filled with typical roast essentials have been doing the rounds on social media. Make your own by using left over Yorkshire to top and bottom a sandwich. Fill with leftovers of your choice and a little bit of gravy for extra flavour. Turn it into a double decker by placing a second Yorkshire pud’ on top and filling that too before placing a batter lid on top.

Cranberry Crunch
Mix shredded turkey, cranberry sauce and crushed almonds  together and sandwich between whole meal bread for a sweet, yet savory meal.

Ultimate Leftovers
Turkey, Sliced pigs in blankets, a layer or mashed potato (or sliced roasties) and carrots, topped with gravy. Sandwich between two thick slices of white bread for a truly indulgent feast.

Cheese Board Treat
Place turkey, cranberry sauces and a hearty amount of brie on a slice of bread. Place under the grill for a couple of minutes to maximise the melty potential and top with another slice of bread.

Turkey Toastie
Take it one step further by gathering all the cheeses left in the fridge and grating them together. Mix in shredded turkey and place between two heavily buttered slices of white bread. Butter the outsides and pop into a crying pan. Flip regularly the ensure even cooking all over. Once the cheese starts to ooze out of the size, you know it ready.

The only thing you’ll have to do is stop all your family members from snatching this delicious Turkey Toastie right off your plate!

We hope that you enjoy National Sandwich Day as much as us and that our turkey recipes come in handy for your Boxing Day plans!

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