The best Norfolk christmas markets for food

The best Norfolk christmas markets for food

Norfolk Christmas Markets and Local Food Fairs are a great way for local food producers like us to showcase our wares and for people to come and pick up great christmas gifts you won’t find anywhere else.

They offer a wide range of foods; Fine cheeses, cured hams and meats and handmade chocolates are just some of the local products you can find – so it’s well worth visiting a Christmas Food fair at this time of year.

How important are Christmas fairs to local food producers like Morton’s Traditional Taste?

For a lot of local producers, like ourselves Christmas is one of our busiest times of year – We all do things throughout the year keeping things steady; but at this time, the demand reaches it’s peak!

Being an Award Winning Free-range Turkey and Smoked meat producer local Christmas Food Fairs are important to us as an avenue of reaching our customers who are looking for gifts or for that something extra special to serve up for the family at the Christmas Dinner table.

For us to be able to go to a local Christmas food fair is great, giving us the opportunity to meet food lovers and talk about our range of meats and birds to people directly.

Will Morton’s be going to any fairs or markets this year?

Last year we did a few events in London; the BBC Good Food Show and The Taste Of Christmas but this year we’re not going as far afield and keeping it local.

We’re planning on going to events like The North Creake Farmer’s Fair in North Norfolk on 7th December 2013 which is a Christmas Market with a lot of local producers attending with their Christmas Specialities.

There are these other Christmas food fairs that are happening over that weekend across Norfolk so a great chance to get the Christmas treats in:

We hope to be there with our Christmas Turkeys and smoked meats.

If you had to pick a favourite which would it be, and why?

The Holkham Christmas Food Festival is one of the best ones I’ve been to.

You get 40 to 50 local producers there with their wide range of delicious local, organic and homemade products.

What’s great about it is that you get to meet all the producers who attend, who are all local to that North Norfolk area – it’s a great food market for sellers and buyers alike.

I like it because it’s a good gathering of producers; where local people can get good, locally produced food directly from us; it is well promoted by the organisers and well known by the local community.

We tend to stay away from the larger Food Fairs at places like the Norfolk Showground as national producers tend to outnumber local producers, so we feel there is not such a special atmosphere as you get at local Christmas Food Fairs.

Is there any advice you’d give to someone who’s never been to a Christmas Fair?

If you are considering visiting a Christmas Food Fair, local or further a field there is a couple of things to consider.

If you are buying perishable food goods, you might want to buy some ‘chiller’ boxes to bring the food home in if you are travelling some distance.

And also consider costs, as travelling and accommodation to visit these different food markets on top of the Christmas Meal bill as well so set a budget.

Work out how many you need to feed, what you need to buy and what are treats and stick to it.

The producers will be offering a range of tasters and samples to enjoy and look out for competitions on the day – you never know you might win yourself a Christmas Turkey or Hamper!

Have we left any Christmas Events or Fairs out?

Let us know if you’ve been to a really good Christmas Fair that we haven’t mentioned – we’re always interested in local events no matter how small!

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