Rearing Free Range Turkeys

It may be too early to think about Christmas for some but we start planning back in Feb/March time when we order our day-old poults from Kelly hatcheries who supply slow-growing strains of turkeys.

Our day-old turkeys come onto farm in June which gives us about 24 weeks to rear our birds slowly and not push them like intensive birds that are normally finished in 16 weeks, see the difference already!

From 8 weeks old they are moved into there rearing sheds and given full access (24hours) to grass paddocks where they happily hunt for worms and insects during the day and top up on a cereal-based feed ration (more on the food next time) when they need to.

They are bedded down on fresh straw when needed to make there stay with us a happy one.

Happy to roam
Next time, “What’s in our food”


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