Planning Ahead For Christmas

Planning Ahead For Christmas

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year already – just a few weeks ago we were basking in the glorious sunshine and now we’re wrapped up in winter coats and woolly hats! Not that we mind though – this is our favourite time of the year. Who doesn’t love the run up to Christmas?!

It’s not as stress inducing as many may think. We’ve got some handy hints and tips to help you breeze through the day, making sure you don’t spend the whole time consumed by the kitchen!

Plan Ahead
I mean, this goes without saying! Have a notebook with all your little plans in it and keep it safe. Note down everything from cooking times to guest list. This will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Think about the seating arrangements
It’s no good scrambling around trying to find extra chairs on Christmas Eve! Grandma will end up on an arm chair and the littlest one will be perched on that wobbly deck chair you should have gotten rid of years ago. Instead, organise yourself early. Know how many people are coming and whether or not you need to alter your usual arrangements.

Food Prep
This is what Christmas Eve should be used for. Peel your veg and get everything that can be sorted, sorted. This gives you more time to relax with the family on the big day. Non-perishables can also be purchased weeks and months in advance to save a last minute scramble in the supermarket aisles.

Do a trial run
There’s no harm in cooking a mock Christmas dinner – and we bet the family would love you for it! Get together everything you plan to cook on the day, and cook accordingly to your plan. You can always use an alternative meat, like beef or chicken and save our Himalayan salt-aged turkey for the main event!

Disposable tins are your friends
Consider investing in some disposable tins this year. They’re pretty cheap – adding one a week to your grocery shop in the run up to Christmas will all the difference. Just pop them in the bin once you’re done and it saves you donning a pair of marigolds for intense washing up.

Think about the size turkey you need
Not every family will require a large turkey. For smaller families, it may be worth looking at smaller offerings. We’ve got a full range of various turkeys – if you’re unsure of which to choose, just drop us an email and we’d be happy to help.

And finally… BREATHE!
Christmas is a fun time of the year full of celebration. You don’t need to get it perfect all the time so don’t spend hours in advance worrying about what ‘might’ go wrong – and even if it does, it’s just another memory made.


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