Our turkeys are now 10 weeks old!

Our turkeys are now 10 weeks old!

It has been 10 weeks since our turkey chicks arrived at the farm, ready for their 25-week rearing process. Since then, they have moved from their indoor home to roam freely outdoors, exploring the large open spaces and rolling pastures of the farm. They have access to as much food and as many naked oats as they please, which in turn will give them a lovely layer of fat to keep the birds moist when cooking!

The balmy heat has meant the turkeys have been heading out early at 6am and having a wander around the farm before finding cool places in the shade to relax. From now until the winter, we will make sure they are happy and healthy, with access to all the food and space they need. 

Supermarket turkeys would only be reared for another 6 weeks, but our turkeys will have more than double that time to continue growing, where they will be nurtured and cared for throughout their lives.

Our Norfolk Bronze free-range turkeys make a beautiful centrepiece for Christmas dinner, with generous quantities of moist, succulent and flavourful white and dark meat. The Norfolk Black turkeys are slow-maturing birds that have a slightly stronger and gamier flavour. Our turkeys range in weight from 4.5kg to 10kg, costing between £69 and £110. Turkey breast joints and crown joints are also options for smaller numbers or those that prefer the white meat only.

Everything we do is free-range, outdoor reared and fresh, meaning you can enjoy the best possible flavour from your turkey on Christmas Day. Sign up to our newsletter here for access to our Christmas range as soon as it’s ready. 


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