Our Secret To Delicious Turkeys: The Himalayan Salt Chamber

Our Secret To Delicious Turkeys: The Himalayan Salt Chamber

For many years Himalayan salt has been thought to contain positive therapeutic properties, many also claim that it provides a plethora of health benefits.

Himalayan salt has a rusty pinkish complexion and has been mined to treat all sorts of bodily conditions, such as insomnia, allergies and depression. Housed in gently warming lamps, the salt is said to emit negative ions which aid the body in all sorts of positive and holistic ways.

Eating the salt is also said to have health benefits. In small doses the salt has been reported to normalise blood sugar and reduce muscle cramping. Others have reported it helps with digestion and even that it helps in treating ear infections!

In recent years, creatively minded chefs, butchers and restaurateurs have capitalised on the local tradition and sourced their very own Himalayan salt so that it may be trawled across the world in treatment of their meats.

Once the salt is built into an enclosed chamber it dry-ages the meat in a new and distinctive way. Flavours and aromas are brought to the fore.

When the salt’s negative ions combine with the right temperature, humidity and UV light those negative ions counteract with the positive ions of the meat (in our case the turkey, especially our bronze turkey), which in turn results in more moisture content and will result in a much better tasting turkey, both in texture and in flavour.

Using Himalayan salt specifically, rather than just any old salt, has an extraordinary effect on the meat. To taste the difference is really to believe in the benefits that it brings.

Himalayan salt bricks also look and feel incredible. Giving lights to the salt bricks gives a chamber a magical and unusual feel. We think you’ll love our salt aged turkey.  Gone are the days of ladles of gravy to try and resurrect a dry old turkey. The moisture will already be there before your turkey reaches the oven.

So if you’ve never before experienced the impact that Himalayan Salt can have on food, especially when it is prepared the right way, then now is your chance to indulge in the delicious taste of our turkeys by visiting our online store. We assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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