Our Norfolk Top 10

Our Norfolk Top 10

Being a Norfolk producer has a long list of pros, but we can’t deny that our favourite part of the whole thing has to be knowing and tasting the goods of other great producers in the area. From beer to pork pies and from chocolate to cheese, Norfolk know how to do food properly.

As you’ll probably know, at Morton’s Traditional Taste we place a big focus on being able to deliver the most delicious bronze turkeys for sale, and being located in an area known for its delicious and high quality food and drinks, really makes us strive to deliver the absolute best that we can.

So here’s our Norfolk Top 10. The 10 food producers that, we think, make Norfolk as great as it is:

Best for pies

There’s something special about Bray’s Cottage. Their wedding and celebration pies offer a unique twist on a classic cake and their regular pork pies are nothing close to ordinary. The pies come with incredible flavours including chili jam, wild garlic and all day breakfast, each one is as distinctive and delicious as the one before. The vast amount of stockists across the UK are testament to their product!

Best for beer

With over 30 years’ experience in the brewing industry, Woodforde’s use water from beneath their brewery, Norfolk barley and a wide range of whole hops. Great beer, good service and a “Pride of Norfolk” Award for Food & Drink Excellence to boot.

Best for a BBQ

For specialty meats and for something to perfect on the BBQ during the summer, there’s no place better than J & D Papworth Farms. Fresh, quality meat that can be bought in their shops across Norfolk (Swaffham, Fakenham, North Walsham and Sheringham) – trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Best for gin

It’s pretty hard to sum up a sip of Norfolk Gin in just one paragraph, but they’ve put it pretty well themselves; “Think fresh juniper aromas spiked with spice, citrus, some sweetness, herbal and floral scents and you’re conjuring up the essence of Norfolk Gin.” It’s like a Norfolk summer in a glass.

Best for preserves

Based in Alburgh, Peachey’s Preserves use local ingredients to make up their range of sweet and savoury jellies, jams, chutneys and pickles. Great ingredients, perfectly seasoned and tasting great. And if that’s not enough, they make a whole range of cakes using the preserves…Victoria Plum Flapjacks anyone?

Best for whiskey

The English Whiskey Company is something special. Made from nothing but the Breckland water that runs underneath their distillery and Norfolk’s best barley. That’s it. And all the whisky is made by hand, matured in fine casks and bottled onsite. Did we mention that it tastes fantastic?

Best for sweet treats

There’s something satisfying about knowing that you don’t have to fly all the way to Paris when you want to tuck into a sweet, perfectly cooked, not too sweet macaron. With incredible flavours that pack a punch in just a light shell, Tim Kinnaird’s sweet treats at Macarons & More hit the spot every time. Take a walk down the Royal Arcade and find them right at the end.

Best for bread

Situated on the North Norfolk coast, Grooms Bakery has been baking since 1923. There’s nothing particularly fancy about what Grooms make, but their bread rivals that of your Grandma’s homemade loaves!

Best for cheese

What would Norfolk be without its humble Binham Blue? We’ve done the rounds and we’re pretty confident in saying that Mrs Temple’s Cheese takes the biscuit when it comes to flavour. Based in Wighton, Mrs Temple uses cow milk from their farm to make a selection that includes Walshingham, Gurney’s Gold, Wighton and Wells Alpine.

Best for chocolate

All good things end with chocolate and so does our list. Gnaw offer Norfolk’s best chocolate. Whether you want a big bar, a mini bar, a whole hamper full of chocolate (and who doesn’t?!), hot chocolate sticks and nibbles, Gnaw has got your chocolate needs covered. With flavours ranging from Rocky Road to Peanut Butter and Lemon Meringue to Coffee & Mint, there is absolutely something for everyone. Can we be as bold as to recommend the Pick Me Up Before You Go Go Goodeee Box?

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