How to carve the perfect turkey

How to carve the perfect turkey

Carving the perfect turkey is an artform we take seriously around here! Rob has some great tips for how to beautifully carve your Norfolk Bronze turkey. 

First off, use a very high quality, sharp knife. The thinner the blade, the better as thinner blades perform and cut better. A very sharp knife will keep the cooked meat together in perfect slices, instead of shredding. 

Let the bird rest as per the cooking instructions before carving. If you’re carving a whole bird you essentially want to end up with distinct pieces – before you go into creating smaller slices i.e. two breasts, two thighs, two legs, and two wings. 

Once the smaller slices are put on the serving plate, cover it with aluminum foil to keep the turkey warm before serving. Save the turkey bones to make delicious turkey stock for the next day. 

You can apply these tips to a turkey breast as well.

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