Great Suffolk Food events every foodie should visit

Great Suffolk Food events every foodie should visit

Just because I’m a Norfolk farmer and Artisan food producer it doesn’t mean I don’t get around a bit in pursuit of the most delicious regional delicacies.

During the last year I’ve been visiting Irish smoked houses, but in this post I thought I’d write about Norfolk’s neighbouring County, Suffolk, and the brilliant treats for the discerning foodie to be found there!

There is such a vast and expansive range of delicious food producers throughout this region that it makes these food event something that is truly not worth missing out on!

Is competition between Norfolk and Suffolk Artisan food producers fierce?

There’s a wide range of good dairy and poultry producers based in Suffolk, that are worth hunting out – I certainly mentioned a few of my favourite Suffolk Artisan foods in previous posts.

By and large there is not fierce competition between Norfolk and Suffolk Artisan food producers, we tend to all get on quite nicely.

Norfolk producers, being from Norfolk, generally keep themselves to themselves a lot of the time – if you are a small local Norfolk producer you mainly stick to the local farmer’s markets, deli’s or community shops.

When you emerge from Norfolk and start trying to sell the foods you’ve slaved over in and the big city (I mean London – not Norwich), there’s a possibility of treading on the toes of the Suffolk boys (or girls).

Although Norfolk producers do well in London, those in Suffolk are that bit closer and, therefore, they can sell their fresh produce direct.

Let’s also not forget the delicious bronze range of turkeys that originate in Norfolk – something we’re very proud of here at Morton’s Farm.

Which Suffolk food events are worth a visit?

The Suffolk Show is a good one for foodies, showcasing Suffolk food producers where the Norfolk Show tends to be a bit of everything across the agricultural and farming world.

(I’ve already written a post about why I prefer The Suffolk Show to The Norfolk Show)

I would also recommend the Aldebrough Food and Drink Festival in September time, which is definitely worth visiting for a weekend break to experience a truly delicious range of foods.

At this festival, hosted in the beautiful seaside town of Aldebrough, you’ll find 40-50 local food stand holders offering a bewildering array of Artisan foods made in Suffolk.

In addition to the two main shows above, a wide range of food events are regularly held at The Suffolk Food Hall over the summer months.

There are also plenty of Suffolk farmer’s markets that run regularly across the County which are well worth a look at too! We may cover a selection of these in an upcoming post, so keep your eyes peeled!

My best advice is come see for yourself and treat your taste buds to some fine Suffolk food delights, whilst enjoying the countryside and, if you have time, don’t hesitate to come visit us in Norfolk too!

Are there any Local or Artisan food events you think we should know about?

Do you have any favourite food events that I haven’t mentioned?
Are you organising an event that you think would be up my street?

I love hearing from fellow foodies and event organisers so get in touch or leave a comment or tweet on Facebook or Twitter!

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