Looking for small Christmas dinners ideas or Christmas dinner ideas for two?

We have a few centrepiece alternatives to a whole turkey to suit smaller Christmas dinner plans!

Make no mistake, Christmas this year is a little unusual, to say the least. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all make the best of it and keep some of the traditions as close to normality as possible. A whole turkey may seem a little daunting, especially if you have fewer guests to worry about. In this article, we give you small Christmas meal ideas that will let you enjoy the traditional taste of turkey without worrying about waste. Although don’t forget that you will need ample turkey for boxing day plus, there are so many great online recipes for leftovers that you won’t want to miss so, make sure to get plenty of extra!

Whole turkey alternatives such as the turkey crown have grown in popularity due to the lockdown. Even the smallest turkey you can buy is often too large for smaller family groups and couples. Additionally, a small turkey takes longer to prepare and cook and can be a bit of a behemoth in the fridge.

Idea 1: Norfolk Bronze turkey crown

Norfolk Bronze turkey crown serving suggestion

Weight range: 3-5kg
Number of portions: 9-15+

A turkey crown is a turkey which has had the legs removed leaving just the white breasts and wing meat. The benefit of a crown is that keeping the bones in adds flavour and reduces the amount of moisture lost during cooking. It’s ideal for small families and you don’t have to worry so much if it will fit in your oven. Choosing where to buy a turkey crown is important as not all turkeys are created equal. We think that buying a Norfolk Bronze turkey crown from Morton’s Family Farm is the best small turkey option available and here’s why:

A Morton’s Bronze turkey crown is not only free-range and slow-reared but, are also game-hung which adds a distinctive flavour, unlike any turkey you’ve tried before. It really is the best free-range turkey crown you can buy!

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Bone-in or bone-out, that is the question!

We advice choosing a whole turkey crown over just a turkey breast crown as a bone-in turkey crown is not only more suitable for smaller family groups but, they also take less time and fuss to cook and produce a better-flavoured bird. This is why Morton’s leaves the bone-in their turkey crowns.

Free-range tastes better

The difference between a free-range turkey crown and a supermarket turkey crown is huge. Free-range turkey has a distinctive flavour – something that is lost by the fast-rearing methods employed by factory farmers. Free-range turkey is something that a lot of people have never tried and the reason why turkey gets the reputation for being dry and lacking in flavour. It’s not the turkey itself rather the method of rearing which ensures a flavourful and moist roast turkey.

Is a fresh turkey crown better than frozen?

Ordering a fresh turkey crown in time for Christmas is always going to be better than using frozen. Fresh turkey holds its moisture better during cooking over a turkey that was previously frozen. Sometimes we can’t use fresh which is fine. But it is important to at least, use the highest quality bird you can make up the difference.

Order a fresh free-range turkey crown from Morton’s farm now to arrive in time for Christmas:

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