Angela Hartnett extolls the true taste of Norfolk Black and Bronze turkeys

I must say I have been really enjoying BBC2’s Great British Food Revival which showcases some of the fine foods that Artisan producers are still championing across the country.

As allways it’s good to see top chef’s such as Angela Hartnett endorsing the benefits of choosing a free range Norfolk black or bronze turkey over an intensively reared white bird.

Also the fact that turkey is now reccomended for athletes is also a welcome boost for small producers.

Glenys Jones, a nutritionist from Chichester University, said that

“supplementation of ß alanine (found in turkey breasts) for athletes had produced a 13 per cent better performance for high intensity cycling and increased performances for other athletes by prolonging training.”

So that’s a good reason to eat plenty of turkey sandwiches after Christmas!




Orders are coming in thick and fast now so if your wanting to secure a Norfolk Black turkey for the Christmas table order today.


Speak soon.


Rob Morton


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