An Update from the Farm…

An Update from the Farm…

This month has brought us the hottest weather we’ve had to face in our farm’s history. With the intense heat, we needed to act quickly in order to protect our young turkeys. The turkeys have been with us since early June, and at this stage, are usually roaming free around the farm, without a care in the world. Unfortunately, with the sun beating down and limited shade, we needed to protect the turkeys at all costs so we took a few precautions to keep them as happy and safe as possible. 

We moved the turkeys super early in the morning from the brooder shed where they started on day one, to the rearing barn, where there’s tons more space for them to roam. Being naturally ventilated though, it was still really hot, so we constantly refreshed their water supply to draw cold water through. Luckily, we pump the water from a borehole deep down in the ground and it comes up super cool for the turkeys to enjoy. 

The rearing barn is quite shaded, so we have been able to protect them from the sun. We’ve been up every morning at 5am to check on them first thing and ensure they are roaming around and drinking as much cold water as possible to keep them happy and hydrated! They have seemed really happy for the most part and thankfully, now that it’s cooling off, they’ll be able to get out into the fresh air and begin to roam freely as they like. 

Here’s to hoping for no more heatwaves so our feathered friends can experience the great outdoors as much as possible from here on out! 

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