5 delicious turkey leftover recipes

5 delicious turkey leftover recipes

We’re planning ahead this year, so we’ve collected 5 interesting turkey leftover recipes in preparation for the days following Christmas Day.

With all that rich food it’s sometimes nice, after the festivities are over, to eat something simple and nutritious – leftover turkey is an ideal ingredient for this!

If you like the look of any of the recipes below you should still have time to check your cupboards for any extra ingredients you will need.

Just make sure that there is still some leftover bronze turkey crown (or any other turkey on that point) from your Christmas dinner, so you can enjoy it’s delicious flavour on the days leading up to the new year!

Turkey Leftover Recipes: Pies

Turkey and sweet leek pie

The first recipe is a simple turkey and leek pie which we found on Jamie Oliver’s website.

It’s got a nice Christmas attach with the inclusion of chestnuts, but other than that is just a straightforward, no-nonsense pie. Just what’s needed after a review days of excess.

Cajun Turkey Pot Pie

For a leftover turkey pie that’s is a little bit different we thought we might try this Cajun Turkey Pot Pie recipe we found on Elise Bauer’s fantastic Simply Recipes website.

It looks delicious and should have a bit of a kick from the addition of Cajun spices and jalepenos (so long as you can handle the spice) –  it also requires a cup of beer (Guiness or Brown Ale), so what’s not to like?

Turkey Leftover Recipes: Soups

Perky Turkey Soup

This substantial, wholesome turkey soup will make a lovely lunch or light supper in the days following Christmas.

Rice and chickpeas feature in this dish which will help it fill the gap, and the addition of fresh coriander or parsley should give give it a lovely flavour.

Spicy turkey soup

For something a bit different we like the look of this recipe, a turkey soup with a bit of a Middle Eastern flavour.

Yoghurt, chickpeas and mint all go into this soup which make it sound like a refreshing change to the usual post christmas diet of cheese and biscuits.

Despite sounding exotic none of the ingredients should be too hard to find at all – if it helps, think of this recipe as a fancy Cream of Chicken soup!

Turkey Leftover Recipes: Curry

Classic British Turkey Curry and Spicy Turkey Jalfrezi

No collection of leftover turkey recipes would be complete without a curry, and we’ve found a couple of them on David Smith’s excellent Curry House website.

His page of leftover turkey recipes includes a Classic British Turkey Curry and a Spicy Turkey Jalfrezi – both of which sound delicious!

The page also includes a recipe for Gajar Halwa – an exotic alternative to Christmas pudding. You never know, we might give it a go next year!

Do you have any favourite leftover turkey recipes?

For many of us a turkey sandwich is the extent of our recipe ideas for leftover turkey (not that a delicious turkey sandwich isn’t something to drool over!) – so if you have a favourite way of using up leftover turkey get in touch and let us know.

As you can imagine, it’s a question we often get asked!


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