4 delicious smoked duck breast recipes

4 delicious smoked duck breast recipes

Slides smoke duck on a bed of rocket and red & yellow tomatoes.
Smoked duck breast salad

Since we built the Morton’s smokehouse we’ve been producing some delicious artisan smoked meats – the most popular is our Great Taste Award winning smoked Gressingham Duck.

They are delicious hot or cold, cooked with other ingredients or simply sliced and eaten with some nice bread and salad (especially if you’re impatient, like me).

To help make the most of this amazing ingredient I’ve delved around and come up with some recipes which really show off what smoked duck can do!

Smoked Duck and Cherry Pressed Sandwich

What simpler way to start than a Smoked Duck Sandwich? this is a sandwich with a bit of a twist though.

It has some interesting ingredients in it – Blue cheese, Cherries and Arugula leaves (Rocket to you and me) – and looks absolutely delicious!

This grilled sandwich would work really well with a toasted sandwich maker (one of the flat types you’d make panini’s with) but if you don’t have one a grill pan will do.

Smoked Duck Breast with caramelized squash, onions, bacon & spinach

This delicious Smoke Duck Stew makes a great winter meal but will require a little more preparation, so you will need to get your saucepans out.

It combines the great smoky flavour the duck breasts with winter vegetables, dark greens and rice to make a lovely satisfying supper.

Pasta with Mushrooms and Smoked Duck

I couldn’t not include a pasta recipe with smoked duck, so here it is!

This recipe uses dried pappardelle pasta – a variety I’d never heard of before, but any wide, flat  pasta should do just as well.

The addition of plenty of fresh rosemary and parsley will give it a lovely fresh herb flavour, and the addition of some sweet Madeira wine shouldn’t hurt either!

Smoked Duck with “Causa” and a Cobnut Vinaigrette

As I said at the start, I often eat smoked duck breasts with salad – this Smoked Duck with Causa recipe is a bit of variation that.

A Causa, as I discovered, is a cold Peruvian dish normally served as a starter or a light meal. it is essentially a sort of a stuffed potato cake.

This sounds like an absolutely delicious accompaniment for sliced smoked duck breast, with a bit of a kick from the addition of a Chilli and the zing of a simple vinaigrette.

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