Treat your staff to a Morton’s turkey

Has it been a successful year for your business but you’re not sure how to thank your hard-working staff who made it all possible?

And are you looking to give them a delicious treat that they’ll be able to enjoy with the whole family?

Then why not make their Christmas that extra bit special with a Morton’s free range turkey!

Traditionally, turkeys were given as a sign of good will to employees during the festive season. Here at Morton’s Traditional Taste, tradition is quite literally our middle name!

Therefore, we’d like to propose investing in our turkeys as Christmas gifts to your team members this year.

There’s an abundance of fantastic reasons why, but just to highlight a few:

• High quality, locally reared turkeys. We only rear 1000 turkeys on our farm every year so attention to detail is paramount.

• We offer award-winning turkeys, ensuring the absolute best quality with every single one of our turkeys. This means that the families of your employees would be guaranteed a Christmas dinner to remember.

• Convenient delivery and ordering. Morton’s Traditional Taste are offering this service to businesses Nationwide. We can deliver direct to your workplace or to employee’s & client’s homes.

• Morton’s allow you to select the size of the turkey’s you require. We peronalise each order, including a personalised thank-you note from your company, making this the perfect gift to give to your valued clients & customers also.

• Our birds are boxed and presented to the highest quality. Not only that, but we also provide cooking instructions which makes for a stress-free Christmas (so no more running around the kitchen like a headless turkey whilst the family is waiting for their meal!)

We offer corporate discounts of 5% or more depending on quantity ordered. If you order more than 20 turkeys, we will throw in a free bird!

“Just a quick note to let you know how well the turkey’s went down with the staff this Christmas. I was quite surprised how pleased they were with them, all packed in their boxes they made a great “thank you” for the guys hard work over the year. It was good to hear how much they all enjoyed them and that they hoped that we’d do it again next Christmas – which of course we will!”

Neil Carter, Managing Director, Longwater Construction Supplies