Norfolk is now home to Award winning British Charcuturie!

Following our interview with Jamie Archer, one of Norfolk’s finest butchers, we thought we’d carry on the pork theme and have a chat with Jackie Kennedy, owner of MarshPig – an award-winning charcuterie in South Norfolk. It was a personal love of great food that started her journey into producing her own salami – she […]

Simple barbecue ideas for the foodie in you

In my experience, when it comes to outdoor cooking, simple barbecue ideas are the best! We’ve already had one or two barbecues at Hall farm this year – and, weather permitting, plan to have a few over the course of the summer. We’ve got an old metal barbecue – a standard charcoal one, as I […]

What makes Norfolk sausages great

Every region in the UK seems to have its own variety of great sausages – it’s almost a staple British food! Norfolk is no different in this, having a tradition of great sausage making which will stand up there with the best of them – as a free-range food producer myself I think I know a […]