Simple barbecue ideas for the foodie in you

In my experience, when it comes to outdoor cooking, simple barbecue ideas are the best! We’ve already had one or two barbecues at Hall farm this year – and, weather permitting, plan to have a few over the course of the summer. We’ve got an old metal barbecue – a standard charcoal one, as I […]

Home smoked food: Advice from a professional smokehouse

This post starts with a confession – before I set up Morton’s Norfolk Smokehouse I had very limited experience of smoking meat at home! We had a charcoal barbecue with a bit on the side into which you could put logs and wood chips – this would then smoke meat for you. It’s main disadvantage […]

Stay healthy with safe poultry handling and preparation

The potential consequences of not handling and preparing poultry correctly are not great. Basically, poultry can give you severe food poisoning unless you prepare and cook it properly. If you store, handle and cook it properly, you will kill bacteria and viruses that poultry may carry. Common types of Bacteria carried by poultry Salmonella is […]