November Meat Box

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  • Description

    Our November meat box has been curated with family essentials in mind.  Selecting cuts of meat that families can utilise effectively, with a little kitchen know-how, your family can be fed high-quality meat, within exciting recipes for all to enjoy!

    The November meat box includes:

    Whole free-range chicken, 1.5kg minimum

    Free-range pork sausages, pack of 6

    Un-smoked back bacon, pack of 10

    Beef mince, 500g

    Stewing steak, 500g

    During lockdown, everyone is looking for ways to make money go further on the food shop, whilst still eating high-quality meat and poultry.  Here are a few ideas to help you out.

    Utilise leftovers: Roast your chicken whole for a mid-week or Sunday roast, and pick off the leftover meat for the next day. Combine with chorizo and mixed peppers, for family night fajitas.  Rather than frying your sausages, why not squeeze the meat out of the skins, and make a sausagemeat ragu, to enjoy over pasta or a jacket potato.  Beef mince is great, spit in half, freezing one portion for another day,  create a delicious bolognese or cottage pie, adding lentils to the mince to bulk out, and add additional protein. Stewing steak is a slow cooker staple.  Bulk out with veg and potatoes to make a stew for one dinner, and top with pasty, for a pie the next day!

    Delivery of the November meat box will be Friday the 20th of November, and will be delivered fresh.


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