Free-Range Pork and Smoked Chestnut Stuffing

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  • Description

    NEW FOR 2020

    Our development chef has been busy creating a new stuffing for you to enjoy alongside your Christmas bird.

    Our stuffing brings classic British flavours like thyme and onion, together with free-range pork sausage meat and creamy chestnuts, for a taste that blows packet mix stuffing out of the water!

    The sweet smoked chestnut flavour goes perfectly with free range pork, making it the ideal stuffing to go with your turkey, chicken or goose.

    The whole dish is finished with a hint of nutmeg for the irresistible scent of Christmas.

    Whether you stuff the bird (we recommend the neck to ensure even cooking) or cook your stuffing separately, we find this goes down just as well as the bird itself.

    Of course, it’s just as delicious with leftovers later.

    Please note – this has previously been frozen and as such is not suitable for home freezing.

    Stuffing weight: 600g

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