Marsh Pig Christmas Charcuterie Hamper

East Anglia is renowned throughout the country for its livestock – which is why it makes all the difference that Marsh Pig source all their pork from pigs reared in the region. Spending their entire lives outside means that they’re truly free range – and to make incredible charcuterie, you need happy pigs. Whilst this hamper draws inspiration from the flavours of Italy and Spain, this curated selection of artisanal cured meats is a celebration of Great British produce, and perfect for festive get-togethers.

Firstly, there is Marsh Pig’s sliced fennel salami. Pork and fennel go together like nothing else – awarded two gold stars in the Great Taste Awards, this is classic charcuterie expertly executed. The sweetness of the pork, the aromatic fennel seeds and the background warmth of black pepper play off one another.

Complementing the fennel salami, there is the rosemary and garlic salami. Rosemary has such a wonderful complexity of flavour that elevates this salami to another level. Best served with some crusty bread and a good wine, it’s certain to suit any light supper or pre-dinner charcuterie board.

Reminiscent of saucisson sec, but made in Norfolk rather than Nantes, the sliced garlic and black pepper salami’s beauty is in its simplicity, because sometimes the old ways are best. British charcuterie can rival that of any other European country, and when using British pigs, which are reared with the highest welfare anywhere in the world, it’s unbeatable. 

Bring a taste of Iberia to your Christmas feasting with a delicately smoked and spiced take on the most famous Spanish sausage, chorizo. Paprika lends the distinctively vibrant colour whilst oregano and coriander add a herbaceous note, and the whole thing is brought together by the delicate perfume of smouldering English oak.

Coppa, otherwise known as capocollo or gabagool, is an iconic Italian cured meat. Marinated in garlic and black pepper and air dried – don’t let its apparent simplicity deceive you, it takes those who know their craft to make cold cuts this exquisite.

Pork loin is infused with black pepper, sweet paprika and garlic for a week before being air-dried for ten weeks in order to intensify the flavour and create the distinctive texture of lomo. The process alone takes almost three months, and when the rearing of the pigs is factored in, it’s certainly a testament to Marsh Pig’s devotion to the art of stunning charcuterie, and a reminder that some things should not be rushed.

This selection would be an ideal gift for the gourmande in your life, but would also serve very well as a party showstopper, or, for that matter, as a treat for yourself. For £47.50, it’s a wonderful charcuterie selection and showcases the diversity of cured meats crafted by Marsh Pig, and the quality of livestock reared in East Anglia.