Christmas Chaos

Is the fear of the big day setting in?  The dread of how you’re going to magically pull off the best Christmas ever, with all the trimmings?  Many of us get overwhelmed with Christmas but staying cool and ‘prepping like a boss’ is the key to success and a well-earned tipple!

Planning the big day well…. like your big day will ensure that all bases are covered, and you’ve purchased, wrapped and crafted (optional), well before the 25th December.

Key things to remember…

The internet is your friend; sit back and relax with a glass or two, perusing the web for all your Christmas needs, from presents and vouchers to decorations and food.

Get into the spirit by making a playlist of all your festive favorites, to listen to whilst you’re decorating the tree.

Get all nostalgic with Christmas films, taking your mind off the mound of gifts to wrap (better yet, pay extra to have it gift wrapped, job done!)

If you’re into your Christmas crafts and cooking, why not save it for a rainy day?  It’s a great way to occupy children when the weather is a bit drab, which also means you can blame the poor workmanship on them if needed!

When Christmas day finally arrives, you will have the warm, smug feeling that you’ve smashed it! Pop your mail-ordered turkey into the oven, add veg and be merry!