Treat your staff to a Morton’s turkey

Has it been a successful year for your business but you’re not sure how to thank your hard-working staff who made it all possible? And are you looking to give them a delicious treat that they’ll be able to enjoy with the whole family? Then why not make their Christmas that extra bit special with […]

Leftover Balinese Turkey Curry Recipe (delicious!)

No matter how delicious our free range turkeys are, sometimes it’s just a little too difficult to finish it all in one go! But don’t you worry, we have the perfect solution. With every order, we’re sending out a Simplycook Balinese Turkey Curry kit for free! Now you can turn those leftovers into a delicious […]

What’s the right Christmas meat for you and your family?

With so much choice at Christmas, what type of bird should you go for? It’s no surprise that we’re massive fans of turkeys at Morton’s Traditional Taste, which is the reason our award-winning turkeys get the reception that they do. If you’re unsure what turkey to go for as the centrepiece of your Christmas meal […]

Turkey Panini Recipe (with garlic and mozzerella)

When you decided to order turkey for your family Christmas dinner, you didn’t quite anticipate that you may have ordered a little too much! Often times, regardless how big you think your appetite will be at Christmas, a full turkey along with the rest of your Christmas feast turns out to be too heavy for […]

The Perfect Roast Dinner with Mr Hugh’s

There’s nothing better than finding recipes that just work. Our friends over at Mr Hugh’s have done the hard work for you and created this fabulous guide to help with the perfect roast. Christmas time should be full of fun & laughter, so use these handy hints and tips for a stress free Christmas dinner […]

Turkey Gift Guide

Sometimes, finding the right gift can be hard. Whether it’s because people have ‘everything’ or simply can’t find the right thing, this little guide is here to help! It’s no surprise the we love all things turkey here at Morton’s Traditional Taste. Turkeys are the centre piece of all great Christmas dinners so why should […]

Introducing Mr Hugh’s

Mr Hugh’s creates Cold Pressed Extra Virgin rapeseed oil that is grown, harvested and bottled on a family run farm in West-Norfolk. Purchase it here (x) or scroll down to learn more… Cold pressed rapeseed oil is fast becoming a popular cooking aid in many people’s kitchen throughout the UK and Mr Hugh’s is no […]

Win: Christmas Hamper!

How would you like to put your feet up & let the Morton’s Christmas elves take some of the Christmas stress away? Well, luckily for you, we’re running a competition that could do just that! 12 Days of Morton’s Traditional Taste is a Christmas hamper like no other. It features 10 wonderful local suppliers and […]

Thanksgiving: The American Tradition

Here in the U.K. we typically reserve our turkeys for Christmas Day. However, our American cousin’s like to indulge in this very special meat a little bit earlier than we do. We are, of course, talking about Thanksgiving. It is believed to have been a coming together of European Immigrants and Native Americans, giving thanks […]

Guest Blog: Scarlett & Mustard

This year, we’ve discovered Scarlett & Mustard. The only condiment provider you need. We will be working with them across lots of different things this Christmas and we look forward to all that it’s in store. In the meantime, have a read of their blog they’ve written for us! Scarlett & Mustard was founded in […]

The Christmas Tradition with Pines and Needles

Christmas Trees are becoming almost a fashion item now, the most important guest in the home, the centre of all the celebrations and who doesn’t love the smell, look and feel of a REAL Christmas tree. For many families celebrating Christmas, the day simply wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful Christmas tree sitting in the […]

Top 5 Tastebud Tingling Turkey Sandwiches

Sandwiches are great. They combine some of the yummiest foods into two slices of bread – what’s more to love?! Over in America it’s national sandwich day today so we thought we’d combine two of our great loves – turkeys and sandwiches. Turkey sandwiches are one of the most popular Boxing Day meals because of […]

Planning Ahead For Christmas

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year already – just a few weeks ago we were basking in the glorious sunshine and now we’re wrapped up in winter coats and woolly hats! Not that we mind though – this is our favourite time of the year. Who doesn’t love the run up […]

Best of This Years Harvest: Norfolk Edition

Best of the Harvest: Norfolk Edition  When you think of Norfolk, one of the first thoughts has got to be it’s agricultural industry. Farming families have graced these flat fields for generations and have been responsible for some of the highest quality crops and produce. Here at Morton’s Traditional Taste, we are proud of our Norfolk roots […]

Simple But Brilliant Christmas Roast + Top Tips

For many the Christmas turkey is the pinnacle of the festive season. Sitting and eating a mouthwatering turkey with the family on Christmas day has become something that almost every family finds themselves looking forward to (alongside opening all the exciting present on Christmas morning) There’s quite some pressure to get everything right, to keep […]

Lemon & herb-basted roast turkey recipe

Although we do enjoy the odd challenge, and rise to the occasion when testing out new (and sometimes very complex) recipes, sometimes the best recipes are the simplest ones. This lemon and herb-blasted roast is a real classic, and one you may find yourself making again and again! Once mastered you can adapt, experimenting with […]

Christmas Extra’s: You’ve Got To Remember It All!

Of all celebrations, Christmas is the one we celebrate with the most energy and exuberance. We tend to push our over indulgence levels to the very limits!  But before we get to that point many of us engage in that yearly frantic shop – so much to buy and do and with the clock ticking […]

Win a Luxury Christmas Hamper!

This year we are offering one of our early bird costumers the chance to win a luxurious Christmas hamper full of lots of wonderful Norfolk goodies!  If you place your order with us before the 1st Dec you will automatically be entered into the competition. Inside the hamper one lucky winner will find: A Christmas […]

Our Secret To Delicious Turkeys: The Himalayan Salt Chamber

For many years Himalayan salt has been thought to contain positive therapeutic properties, many also claim that it provides a plethora of health benefits. Himalayan salt has a rusty pinkish complexion and has been mined to treat all sorts of bodily conditions, such as insomnia, allergies and depression. Housed in gently warming lamps, the salt […]

Super Simple Maple Roast Turkey Recipe

Turkey is prepared differently all over the world, leading to different tastes, flavours, and experiences depending on where it is that you go. In North America, as in the UK, the preparation tends to be a much loved seasonal delicacy with a never ending list of regional variations. Why not try a roast turkey prepared […]

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