Our chicks have landed!

Christmas may be the last thing on your mind in the middle of Summer, but here at Morton’s Family Farm, our Christmas journey is just beginning.  Our turkey chicks arrived last week, ready to be reared for 25 weeks ahead of Christmas. They are mainly Norfolk Bronze with 100 Norfolk Black/Norfolk Bronze chicks – a […]

Our turkeys are now 10 weeks old!

It has been 10 weeks since our turkey chicks arrived at the farm, ready for their 25-week rearing process. Since then, they have moved from their indoor home to roam freely outdoors, exploring the large open spaces and rolling pastures of the farm. They have access to as much food and as many naked oats […]

What makes a Turkey special?

Possibly the most important question you need to ask yourself leading up to Christmas is how exactly to you pick your Christmas Turkey? Is it how it looks in the movies, where there’s a mad rush to the last cling-wrapped Turkey in the frozen aisle of the Supermarket? It shouldn’t be! The first clue to […]

Planning ahead for christmas dinner (In June!)

Even though we are entering the height of summer and the sun is (occasionally) blazing, we’re already thinking about Xmas Turkeys at Hall Farm! The turkeys we rear for Christmas arrived on Hall farm as day old “poults” (turkey chicks) in Mid-June – around week 24 in the working farmer’s yearbook. We recently took delivery […]

Rearing Free Range Turkeys

It may be too early to think about Christmas for some but we start planning back in Feb/March time when we order our day-old poults from Kelly hatcheries who supply slow-growing strains of turkeys. Our day-old turkeys come onto farm in June which gives us about 24 weeks to rear our birds slowly and not […]