Christmas Extra’s: You’ve Got To Remember It All!

Of all celebrations, Christmas is the one we celebrate with the most energy and exuberance. We tend to push our over indulgence levels to the very limits!  But before we get to that point many of us engage in that yearly frantic shop – so much to buy and do and with the clock ticking […]

Win a Luxury Christmas Hamper!

This year we are offering one of our early bird costumers the chance to win a luxurious Christmas hamper full of lots of wonderful Norfolk goodies!  If you place your order with us before the 1st Dec you will automatically be entered into the competition. Inside the hamper one lucky winner will find: A Christmas […]

Our Secret To Delicious Turkeys: The Himalayan Salt Chamber

For many years Himalayan salt has been thought to contain positive therapeutic properties, many also claim that it provides a plethora of health benefits. Himalayan salt has a rusty pinkish complexion and has been mined to treat all sorts of bodily conditions, such as insomnia, allergies and depression. Housed in gently warming lamps, the salt […]

Super Simple Maple Roast Turkey Recipe

Turkey is prepared differently all over the world, leading to different tastes, flavours, and experiences depending on where it is that you go. In North America, as in the UK, the preparation tends to be a much loved seasonal delicacy with a never ending list of regional variations. Why not try a roast turkey prepared […]

Surprising Things You Didn’t Know The Turkey

As one of the slightly ‘rarer’ breeds, the black turkey is a lot less well known than it’s obvious counterparts. The Norfolk Black (also known as the ‘Aztec’) is a well-known, once wild native to South America. The wild bird was discovered in Mexico, pilfered by Spanish explorers in the 16th Century and brought back […]

Grilled Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Sandwich Recipe

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good, hearty, meaty sandwich. Delicious thick slices of bakery (or home baked if you’re feeling fancy) bread, stuffed with cheese, slices from our Norfolk bronze turkeys, and cranberry – all grilled to a melted mess of perfection. Gosh, we’re getting hungry here just thinking about it! You’ll find that […]