Our Norfolk Top 10

Being a Norfolk producer has a long list of pros, but we can’t deny that our favourite part of the whole thing has to be knowing and tasting the goods of other great producers in the area. From beer to pork pies and from chocolate to cheese, Norfolk know how to do food properly. As […]

Why Buy a Turkey that’s too big….

We are definitely not the only farmers to recommend you buy a Turkey that is too much meat for one day! That’s because there’s nothing better than a Boxing Day meal, made out of your Turkey leftovers… Whilst we know some very tasty Turkey leftover feast ideas – we want to hear some new ones! […]

December Places & Faces Article

We are so proud to be featured in the Norfolk Produce section of December 2015 Faces & Places magazine   The issue is now available online on their website: Morton’s Traditional Taste Article   Journalist Andy Newman spent a day on the farm with our very own Rob Morton to see what Free-Range really means! They […]

Traditional Turkey Taste – in a different way

Our Turkeys will have a fantastic flavour whatever way you chose to cook them, because of the way we bring them up. So why not have a look at some different ways that don’t involve the oven! Deep Fried Turkey Deep-fried turkey is a Southern American tradition, who try to cling to it as the most […]

Importance of Free Range at Christmas

Free Range can actually mean a whole host of things in the poultry industry. The term implies a playful, ‘Chicken Run’ type of operation, when in fact some farmed birds are subject to over-cramming and grimy living conditions –in which they are bred to continuously eat, therefore have little interest in pecking away outdoors and […]