A mild Winter on Hall Farm in Norfolk

The mild winter (2013-14) certainly helped make life easier on Hall Farm this year – for us and our freerange chickens! The warmer weather has meant we’ve been able to have the chickens out in the fields and mobile sheds for the majority of the winter, which helps keep the feeding costs down. If the […]

Home smoked food: Advice from a professional smokehouse

This post starts with a confession – before I set up Morton’s Norfolk Smokehouse I had very limited experience of smoking meat at home! We had a charcoal barbecue with a bit on the side into which you could put logs and wood chips – this would then smoke meat for you. It’s main disadvantage […]

How we built our norfolk smokehouse

We started the Morton’s Norfolk Smokehouse back in 2012, producing locally sourced and smoked chicken and duck – but smoked food is something that interested me long before that. My aim in building our own smokehouse on Hall Farm was to come up with some really good Artisan foods supper ready to eat and that […]

A Short Tour of Meat Smokehouses Throughout Ireland

Just after Christmas I popped over to visit a close friend of mine living in Ireland.  A native Irishman, my friend lives in the Cork area on the southern edge of Ireland – I’ve been there before a few years ago with my family, but this time it was just a quick trip on my […]

Stay healthy with safe meat & poultry preparation

The potential consequences of not handling and preparing poultry correctly are not great and something you should focus a lot of your attention towards. Basically, poultry can give you severe food poisoning unless you prepare and cook it properly. If you store, handle and cook it properly, you will kill bacteria and viruses that poultry […]

4 delicious smoked duck breast recipes

Since we built the Morton’s smokehouse we’ve been producing some delicious artisan smoked meats – the most popular is our Great Taste Award winning smoked Gressingham Duck. They are delicious hot or cold, cooked with other ingredients or simply sliced and eaten with some nice bread and salad (especially if you’re impatient, like me). To […]