Morton's Traditional Taste is the gold standard for traditional turkeys. Our birds are slow-growing for plenty of flavour. This is how turkey used to taste!

Our free-range turkeys, ducks, chickens and geese are special. We use traditional birds like Norfolk Blacks and Norfolk Bronzes which are slow to mature but full of flavour. You can see our full range of turkeys here which make for the perfect Christmas dinner.

The best things take time, and our birds are no different! They start off as day-old chicks in their “turkey hotel” – a large covered area to keep them protected from the elements. As soon as they’re old enough, they move off into the great outdoors where they’re free to scratch, peck and get into mischief.

Free-roaming and free-range turkeys

Our young turkeys can often be found in the trees (they’re woodland birds after all!) and it’s this sort of environment that makes them happy and keeps them healthy.

Unlike supermarket birds, our poultry is free to express all their natural behaviours. By having plenty of room and space to roam around they are far less susceptible to disease as well.

When the time comes, our birds are dispatched quickly, humanely and in small batches to ensure the animals never get stressed.

Bigger isn’t always better…

We are a small farm and have never set out to be the next “super shed” for turkey production. Our aim is to produce small, high-quality batches of poultry that taste the way poultry used to taste. Plenty of flavour, gamey and moist. That’s Morton’s Traditional Taste!